ImageTools 0.8.1

Image Tools - A batch multiple image editor. Resize, crop, rename, convert, adjust, filter, rotate, flip, insert watermark on multiple image at the same time!

ImageTools 0.8.1

Image Tools is a free tool that help you to quickly edit multiple images and photo.Image Tools let you to edit, resize, crop, rotate, flip, insert watermarks, rename and convert multiple images at the same time.The software let you to edit also a single image.Image Tools support Drag&Drop of images and folder of images. You can easily add many images in a moment.You can process only what you need in the order of processing you want.For example:
I want to edit multiple images, adding a watermark text and resizing them to a lower solution. In this case I can configure the processor choosing the WatermarkText option firstly, and then the Resizing option.
If I want to resize images, to apply a filter adjustment and finally to export converted images, I will configure the processor to do it!

Main features:
- Batch Processing of multiple images at the same time!
- Drag & Drop your images in the program!
- Resize images.
- Crop images.
- Rotate and flip images
- Adjust images setting Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Gamma (also for multiple images).
- Insert a text or image Watermark.
- Rename images setting a filename, a separator and a counter (ex. filename_01.jpg).
- Convert to different formats.
- Single Image Editor.
- Set the Processor sequence.
- Process all images or only selected images.
- Export to new Directory without overwriting original images!
Fast processing.Multilanguage support (now only English and Italian)


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